NORDPAC is a specialist producer of high quality carrier bags and packaging with the head office located in Tallinn, Estonia.
Run by experts with decades of experience in the packaging industry and with the most up-to-date production facilities, we operate according to ISO9001 Quality System standards. Rather than just hanging a certificate on a wall, we follow the system fastidiously in everything we do, to ensure our effectiveness and guarantee the quality of our products.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


I don’t know exactly what I need – can you help?

Using our considerable expertise, we can advise you on the best size, material and printing method to meet your needs.

How many bags should we buy, what is the optimal order?

As with any form of quality printing, the more you order the lower the unit cost. Conversely, you don’t want to have boxes of carrier bags taking up valuable space for a year. Call us and we’ll talk through your specific needs and advise on the optimal balance between cost and convenience.

How do I find a designer who knows how to apply my branding to your product?

We have a team of expert designers experienced in designing print for packaging who can ensure you get the most from your branding.

How can I be sure I’m happy with the design?

Whatever you decide to have printed on your carrier bags, we will show you a 3D visualization for your approval prior to production, to ensure you get the bag that meets your goals precisely.

Do we have enough space to store the bags?

If you wish, we can provide a phased delivery program, so you don’t have to worry about warehousing.

NORDPAC can find the best solution to meet your needs – from high quality printed standard Kraft paper bags to the most exclusive laminated hand finished bags. We also produce a broader range of customized packaging solutions.

Whatever your needs, contact us today. We’ll provide the solution.